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EDENVALEMotor Vehicle Accessories

Your One Stop Accessories Shop

For all your car, bakkie, boat, trailer and bike requirements.

Custom Modifications
Audio Installations
Window Tinting
Tracker Installation
Colour Enhancing
Towbars, Rollbars and more
Rubberising bed lining

One Stop Accessories Shop

From audio to bedliners and window tinting to tow bars we have it all.

A full line of accessories from brands such as Kicker, JBl, Vibe, Starsound, Kenwood, Thule, Brink and many more. If you need it, we have it.

We’ll help you get that hard to find part or accessory, install it and make sure your car, bakkie, van or trailer leaves our shop exceeding your expectations.

Custom Modifications

The car experience today centers on new levels of comfort.

Audio Installations

High-end audio and smart display installation and tuning.

Window Tinting

Professional, solar-protective film tinting solution.

Tracker Installation

Need vehicle tracking installation?

Colour Enhancing

Car Polish and Llumar Paint Protection Film.

Automotive Aircon Regas

Do not get caught out in the heat.

Towbars and more

Fully ISO and SABS approved towbars, roll bars, nudge bars, side steps and Bull bars.

Rubberising Bed Lining

Tough Durable Spray-on Protection.

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Custom Modifications

Dynamic modifications can transform the interior of any car.

Experts in the field of interior customisation.

Whether it be a simple interior upgrade to match the audio install, a total interior overhaul or turning a van into a camper van or luxury mobile office, we can fit and finish it to perfection.


  • Car interior restorations.
  • Interior modifications.
  • lighting.
  • Upholstery.
  • Electrical system upgrades.
  • Door panel customisation.
  • Subwoofer enclosures.
  • Complete boot builds.
  • “Stealth” boot installs.
  • Factory system upgrades.
  • Head unit upgrades.
  • Amplifier installations.
  • Electrical system upgrades.
  • Sound deadening.
  • and MUCH, MUCH more!
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Audio Installations

High-end audio and smart display installation and tuning.

Manufacturer’s warranty and workmanship is one year.

Dedicated to audio upgrades and new installations, Motorsonic provides a variety of services based on the customer’s needs and price range.


  • We take extreme pride in the fit and finish of all our installs and guarantee the highest level of quality.
  • Whether you are looking for components to upgrade your factory install or a complete system, we can supply everything you need at competitive prices.
  • Experienced audio consultants and trained fitment technicians.Assortment of brands including Pioneer, Sony, JBL, Kicker, Vibe and more.
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Window Tinting

Tinted and nano-ceramic window films from Llumar® Automotive.

Maintaining perfect visibility while protecting your passengers and valuables.

To protect yourself and property, LLumar has created a smash and grab tinting film used by the leaders in car tint installations.

LLumar Logo


  • One of the world’s most trusted brands in Window Film Protection.
  • Llumar® provides extra care for what matters most.
  • Professional, solar-protective film tinting solution.
  • Maintaining perfect visibility while protecting for your passengers and valuables.
  • Protects against shards of broken glass in the event of an accident.
  • Added protection against break-in means greater security for your valuables.
  • No interfere with mobile phones, radio reception, or GPS systems.
  • Backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Available in various microns (Thicknesses) and tints.
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Tracker Installation

Authorised fitment centre.

Quick, secure fitment of Tracker and Beame technology.

Vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, quad bikes, and trucks can easily be equipped.

tracker logo


  • Need a vehicle tracking installation?
  • Quick, secure fitment.
  • Authorised Tracker and Beame fitment centre.
  • Flexible payment options available to suit every budget.
  • Trained technicians understand the specifications of the equipment and how to install it.
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Colour Enhancing Car Polish and Llumar Paint Protection Film

Professional colour enhancing and protection.

Ideal for most coloured cars and will enhance and protect.

Restores colour and clarity to neglected finishes, removing dullness, scuffs, scratches, and swirls.


  • Safe for most automotive finishes.
  • Every panel on the vehicle can get fully covered, including the roof and the rear of the vehicle.
  • Treatment will also fill in minor nicks and fine scratches, while removing swirl marks, overspray, oxidation, bugs, road tar, tree sap, grime, and pollution.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Best option for keeping your vehicle in prime condition.
  • LLumar® Paint Protection Film:
    • Ultimate defense against damage. It’s a highly advanced, virtually invisible layer that improves the performance of your automotive paint, making it less vulnerable to rocks, road debris and sand.
    • Ten-year warranty and self-healing surface.
    • Superior stain resistance and enhanced durability
    • Hydrophobic polymer coating.
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Automotive Aircon Regas

Do not get caught out in the heat.

The aircon regas is done by a computerised machine.

There’s nothing worse than a stuffy, bad-smelling aircon. We keep your car air conditioner fresh and reliable so that you can cool down the right way in summer, and warm up properly in winter.


  • Input car make and model so that the machine knows exactly how much gas is required.
  • The machine checks for leaks in the aircon which many need to be repaired prior to the regas.
  • Machine reviews the oil / water content in the car to ensure optimum efficiency of the air condition.
  • Quick efficient aircon regas done while you wait.
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Towbars, Rollbars and more.

Get the ball rolling or add even more toughness to your bakkie’s look.

Fully ISO and SABS approved.

Motorsonic installs SABS approved automotive Products to ensure safety and quality of workmanship. We guarantee the electrical installation on all tow bars.


  • Towbars, roll bars, nudge bars, side steps and Bull bars.
  • 1 year warranty from Manufacturer.
  • Trained technicians that will ensure 100% execution on electrical and fitment.
  • Bosal, Brink, Thule and automotive products.
  • Cost effective.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Dedicated Towbar specific electrical wiring.
  • Dirt and grease protection.
  • Vehicle-specific design and fit.
  • Resistant to chipping and corrosion and will stand up to the harshest of elements.
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Rubberising bed lining

Tough durable spray-on protection.

Protect your loadbin against rust and abrasion resulting in wear and tear.

We do Rubberising for Bakkies, light commercial vehicles, in fact we will rubberise anything that can fit into our rubberising bays!


  • Hard wearing and flexible.
  • Expertly sprayed by highly trained technicians.
  • Designed to meet the needs of every owner, whether you’re a farmer, contractor, or weekend warrior.
  • Ultimate durability, to protect different substrates from scuff, climate, weathering, rust, water, solvents and various chemicals.
  • Liners can also be applied in varied thickness to meet any specific application demand.
  • Sprayed on bed liners can be wrapped over the top edge of the bakkie bed to provide added protection from impact and abrasion.
    • Allows natural drainage.
    • Tough consistent surface.
    • Watertight and air tight seal, preventing. rust and corrosion.
    • Scratch and Slip resistant.
    • Universally fits every make and model.
    • Contours to the vehicle’s bed.